Tragic Beauty Productions is a passionate and artistic journey that I’ve been on since the late 1980s. There is much to be said about edgy photo art that stirs emotions deep down inside of us; there within lies the beauty.

About Tragic Beauty

Creating unique art is my mission.

I want to capture life, passion, and desire in my photos. I am looking to create some great works of art and am always looking to capture something on film that I have never done before.  I like bizarre, dark, and edgy art — I have an eccentric sense of humor and style. I try to shoot exactly what I see in my mind, no matter how different it may seem.

There are tons of photographers out there that specialize in photographing life events like weddings, family portraits, and pretty airbrushed glamour shots.

I am not one of those photographers.

I use lighting that is available to me: natural light, floor lamps, work lights, LED spots, and sometimes, actual photography lighting. 
Always looking for new things to do and experiment with gives me a bit of an edge over other photographers. 

Photo Art from the
Creative Mind of Laura Bock

My style is relaxed, non-judgmental, artsy, edgy, and more photo-journalistic than your standard classic posed and perfect. I  also enjoy photographing subculture lifestyles.

If you are looking for something that captures life and emotion on an artistic level, then you’ve come to the right photographer for your needs!


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